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Loại hình kinh doanh: Công ty Thương mại
Sản phẩm/Dich vụ: Tóc trinh nữ Dệt, Lớp Biểu Bì Remy Tóc, Clip Tóc, Tóc Tổng Hợp, Mở Rộng Tóc Công Cụ
Vị trí: Henan, China
Năm thành lập: 2009
Năm bắt đầu xuất khẩu: 2006
Số Công nhân: 11 - 50 Nhân dân
Tổng Doanh thu (Năm Ngoái): confidential
Thị trường chính: Tây Âu,Châu Đại Dương,Bắc Âu,Đông Âu,Nam Âu
Chứng nhận Sản phẩm: Alibaba.com Assessed Supplier,Test Report,Alibaba.com Assessed Supplier by BV
Thời gian Chuẩn bị Trung bình: 15 ngày
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XUCHANG HARMONY HAIR PRODUCTS CO., LTD is located at XUCHANG City, the Chinese distributing centre and production base of hair products. We are governed by the brand services featured with the development idea of "QUALITY FIRST, CUSTOMER FORMOST" as well as advocated with a harmonious environment of collaborative development, so as to cherish and promote the friendly cooperation with customers fully respected and paid with close attention. In recent years, every detail of sales service and after service provided by us has been taken into consideration with great care, so that all customers may rest assured, which is also the highest professional ethics for us. What our outstanding accomplishment achieved has been trusted and supported by many customers cooperative with us at home or abroad, to whom we are grateful sincerely, and more new co-operators are welcome to go forward together with us. For further pleasant cooperation with you, we feel obliged to work harder and offer only the best sales services every time, meanwhile for your better business. OUR PRODUCTS LIST: NO.1: HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS: 1.1: Pre bonded Hair Extensions: Style: U-tip (nail hair); I-tip (stick hair); V-tip; Flat tip hair; Easy loop hair extensions and so on. Weight: 0.5 gram per strand; 0.6 gram per strand; 0.8 gram/per strand and so on. 1.2: Human Hair Weaving Attention: Width of weft and weight per piece can be made according to you requirements. 1.3: Clip in Set: Style: 8 pcs/set; 9 pcs/set; 10 pcs/set, 11 pcs/set; 12 pcs/set and so on. Attention: If single piece, clip in weft with lace and other new style can also be done according to your requirements. 1.4: EZ Hair Weft (human hair weaving with micro ring attached). 1.5: Skin Weft (PU weft); Tape Hair. 1.6: Machine human hair wigs. 1.7: Toupees; Hair Fringe; Hair Pieces; Full Lace Wigs and so on. NO.2: SYNTHETIC HAIR EXTENSIONS: Synthetic Hair Weaving; Synthetic Feather hair; Synthetic Jumbo Braid; Synthetic Hair Wigs; Synthetic Hair Pieces; Synthetic Hair Fringe and so on. No.3: MANNEQUIN HEAD AND TRAINING HEAD. No.4: HAIR EXTENSION TOOLS: 4.1: Micro Ring System (Micro Ring; Copper Ring; Silicone Beads; Shrinkable Tube; Hair Extension Plier; Pulling Needle; Loop Needle and so on). 4.2: Hot-melting System (Glue Stick; Glue Grains; Glue Hot Pot; Scalp Protector; Finger Protector; Hair Organizer; Keratin Rebonds; Glue Gun; Fusion Connector; Keratin Remover and so on). 4.3: Weaving System (Section Clip; Snap Clip; Hair Weaving Bond; Weaving Bond Remover; Weaving Thread; Weaving Needle and so on). 4.4: Adhesive Tape System (Adhesive Tapes; Adhesive Tape remover). 4.5: Others: Hair Loop Brush; Hair Bristle Brush; Hair Comb; Hair Straightener; Pre bonded Hair Machine; Rubber Band; Toupee's Needle; Hair Weaving Net; Wig Stand; Training Head Holder; Hair Holder; Training Head Tripod; Wig Cap and so on. FAQ: Payment Method: T/T; L/C; Western Union; Money Gram; PayPal; Escrow by Alibaba. Delivery Time: Hair Extension tools: 2 days after getting your payment. Hair Extensions: 15 days after getting your payment. If some in our stock, 2 days' delivery. Shipping Method: FedEx; DHL; EMS; TNT; UPS; By Air; By Sea.

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