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Loại hình kinh doanh: Nhà sản xuất, Công ty Thương mại
Sản phẩm/Dich vụ: Hàng không Tắc Nghẽn Ánh Sáng, Chiếu Sáng Công Nghiệp Sản Phẩm, Máy Đo Gió, Đèn Hiệu Còi Báo Động
Vị trí: Shanghai, China
Năm thành lập: 2009
Năm bắt đầu xuất khẩu: 2010
Số Công nhân: 201 - 300 Nhân dân
Tổng Doanh thu (Năm Ngoái): RMB 180,000,000.00
Thị trường chính: Châu Phi,Châu Đại Dương,Đông Nam Á,Trung Đông,Tây Âu
Chứng nhận: ISO9001,ISO9001,OHSAS18001,ISO14001
Chứng nhận Sản phẩm: CE,CE,CE,CE,CE,CE,ICAO Certification,,
Thời gian Chuẩn bị Trung bình: 7 ngày
Hồ sơ Công ty

Every year, many accidents occur all over the world because of safety troubles. Injury and wrongful death expectancy in industry working environment is far higher than after-working environment. Since 1990, we kept focusing on people working under hazardous environment, from harbor to mining field, metallurgy plant, tall building, high-way, and off-shore site, etc. Our engineers go to all of above work sites to develop more reliable industry warning & communication products. Our philosophy Nanhua believes in the plain philosophy. Focus on providing the best products and service to clients is the reason for Nanhuas exist. We believe that enterprise and employees value can only be realized by long-term hardworking. Nanhua pursues wide horizon, we believe imaginative work can change the world. We wish that Nanhua could be an internationally competitive firm. Through lasting, hard working, we expect a prosperous future! Nanhua dedicate to creating an equal, free and open working environment. We respect each employee personality and hope all of them can work in Nanhua happily. Meanwhile, we would like to undertake responsibility and to share happiness together with clients, cooperators and colleagues. Nanhua History 1990 Company founder started his business in a family workshop. He designed and manufactured his first audible and visual alarms for two industrial enterprises. 1994: Nanhua Electronics Company registered, staff 5, clients 20 Focusing on the port industry, the BC-8 audible and visual alarm was designed. It was recognized for its high-quality, the BC-8 spread all over the world. Within 10 years, 80% mounting yield in global ports. 1999: staff 15, clients 100 Developed User Service for the metallurgical industry. Designed and manufactured BC-2 high power annouciator. With high quality and reliability, the product attracted wide attention. 2003: staff 45, clients 430 Continued dedication to the needs of the industry and expansion of product line. LED light developed. Launched the website 2005: staff 80, clients 1500 Designed and developed NHT Page/Multi-party communication system which replaced American products in domestic market. Started the ERP construction. 2006, staff 100, clients 2000 Opened international business. Attracted the best talents to strengthen R & D team. Improved information construction and promotion of technical innovation. Collaborated with the largest enterprise in India, Reliance Group, to install aviation obstruction lights on 15,000 Indian telecommunication towers. 2007: staff 120, clients 2400 Domain Name Update to website featuring an internet-based ordering system. Develop business to Digital Cable Television Network and radio alarm system Carry out Nanhua brand-building.Quality Control and Supervision approached advanced international levels. 2008: staff 146, clients 3285 Sales revenue kept growing at 30% under financial crisis environment; In the end of 2008, management team construction from 2005 started to take shape. With hard working, the new management team was approved by our clients, employee and shareholders. 2009: staff 170, clients 4830,Annual Sales 28,069,429.00 RMB Annual sales revenue decreased 16.7% because of financial crisis, however, the increase of staffs caused the increase of operation cost, which is unexpected by shareholder, and brought some anxiety to the management team. 2010: staff 210, clients 5100,Annual Sales 40,826,181.18 RMB In Jan, the management association has reached the consensus with the shareholders, Nanhua will share 10% of the company profit as bonus to the staff. In June, company expansion capital, Nanhua Electronics Co.,Ltds Registered capital increased to 5,000,000RMB; On Nov, Nanhua participated the 2010 Bauma Exhibition, and in this month, the problems of organizational Management and coordination began to intensified, internal arguments appeared every day

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