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Loại hình kinh doanh: Công ty Thương mại
Sản phẩm/Dich vụ: Xử Lý nước Hệ Thống, Phụ Tùng Thay Thế
Vị trí: Shanghai, China
Năm thành lập: 2008
Năm bắt đầu xuất khẩu: 2004
Số Công nhân: 11 - 50 Nhân dân
Tổng Doanh thu (Năm Ngoái): confidential
Thị trường chính: Nam Mỹ,Đông Nam Á,Bắc Mỹ,Đông Âu,Trung Đông
Chứng nhận: ISO9001,ISO9001,ISO9001
Chứng nhận Sản phẩm: CE,CE
Thời gian Chuẩn bị Trung bình: 15 ngày
Hồ sơ Công ty

Martin (HK) International Limited. A professionally, technologically integrated manufacturer and distributor, carrying out activities in the filed of water treatment. With the production facility "Martin Water Technologies Inc" in Shanghai, Martin (HK) International Limited has been managing to quickly and aggressively deliver the products abroad with its emphasis on quality control and customer satisfaction. Martin Products have earned an industry-wide reputation for high quality and superior performance. Many clients in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Middle East use technologies, products and service of Martin, among them are well-known companies. Being a designer and manufacturer of the commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems, Martin (HK) International Limited provides both standard and customized designs in a large range of different systems, including pretreatment and post-treatment equipments. Martin is able to design the right products to fit your application and the best solution for your requirements. Martin (HK) International Limited has dedicated the efforts into quick and prompt service, keeping close ties with clients, and always having an open and clear channel of communication with all the business partners. Martin (HK) International Limited and its division Martin Water Technologies Inc. operate internationally and are constantly developing Martin technology, the companies offer clients worldwide the most effective and advanced water treatment solutions for Power industry Industrial processes Cooling systems Steam and heat boilers Drinking water Waste Water And also carry out wholesalers of spare parts and materials for the water treatment technologies. Industries we serve Power industry Oil and gas refinery Food industry Beverage Chemical industry Municipal and government Production of fertilizer Textile Pharmaceutics Vision To be a professional company, offering a full range of water treatment products and services in the global market, to constantly improve Martin technologies by developing and implementing new ideas depending upon progressive market requirements. Mission: Sales and introduction of advanced water treatment technologies for industry and household needs, directed to improve customer's production quality, to decrease industrial expense and increase its competitiveness, considering features of its manufacture and ecological requirements. We believe "Life Is Easy To Be Pure" with Martin products.

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Năng lực Thương mại Nam Mỹ : 18.00% Đông Nam Á : 16.00% Xem nữa
Năng lực Sản xuất Quy mô Nhà máy : 1,000-3,000 Mét vuông Số lượng Dây chuyền Sản xuất : 4 Xem nữa
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