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Loại hình kinh doanh: Nhà sản xuất, Công ty Thương mại
Sản phẩm/Dich vụ: van, Dòng Chảy Mét, Bộ Phận Van
Vị trí: Liaoning, China
Năm thành lập: 2009
Năm bắt đầu xuất khẩu: 2009
Số Công nhân: 11 - 50 Nhân dân
Tổng Doanh thu (Năm Ngoái): US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Thị trường chính: Đông Nam Á,Thị trường nội địa,Bắc Mỹ,Nam Mỹ
Chứng nhận: ISO9001
Chứng nhận Sản phẩm: CE
Thời gian Chuẩn bị Trung bình: 20 ngày
Hồ sơ Công ty

DALIAN ACE FLOW TECH CO., LTD was established as a joint venture with South Korea in 2009, mainly in business of valves, flow meters and other pneumatic parts. The company has absorbed Korean advanced production technique and provided valve parts machined by MAZAK CNC center for many Korean famous factories. For valves, there is mainly Globe Control Valve, High Performance (Double Eccentric) Butterfly Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Steam Trap, Air Release Valve, Triple Duty Valve, Suction Diffuser, Pneumatic/Electric Ball Valve& Butterfly Valve, etc. For flow meters, there is mainly Electromagnetic flow meter, Turbine flow meter, Vortex Flow Meter, Oval gear flow meter, Ultrasonic flow meter, etc. It also provides special OEM and ODM service for various kinds of machining parts, which is professional in design and exploitation, production, assembly and service all-in-one. The main material has cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, etc. All these are widely used in industrial and civil system like Petroleum and Petrochemical, Natural Gas, Power station, Ships, Boilers, Water supply and drainage for high buildings, Medicine, Food processing, and so on. Our products have good quality and competitive price, thus enjoy high reputation in the international market. We are devoted to provide professional service, and work hard to satisfy the increasing demand from all the customers.

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Năng lực Công ty

Năng lực Thương mại Đông Nam Á : 63.00% Thị trường nội địa : 32.00% Xem nữa
Năng lực Sản xuất Quy mô Nhà máy : 1,000-3,000 Mét vuông Số lượng Dây chuyền Sản xuất : 3 Xem nữa
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