Nhiệt độ kiểm soát silicone sưởi ấm pad

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Thông tin chung
Chi Tiết Ngắn Gọn
Không khí nóng
Nguồn điện:
Kích thước (L * W * H):
Tùy chỉnh Kích Thước
trọng lượng:
Cuối cùng Kích Thước
Bảo hành:
13 tháng
Điều kiện:
Nơi xuất xứ:
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Nhãn hiệu:
Điện áp:
12-480 v
Công suất (W):
0.1-0.8 w/cm2
Chứng nhận:
Nhiệt độ điều khiển hệ thống sưởi pad
Ứng dụng chính:
Khuôn, tiêm, extrude, máy móc, thiết bị,
Kích thước:
Kích thước tùy chỉnh
Max Woking Nhiệt Độ:
180 Độ C độ
Chất liệu:
Silicone cao su
Độ dày:
Sưởi ấm yếu tố:
Nickel chrome dây hoặc FeCr
Vật liệu cách nhiệt:
Silicone cao su
Dịch vụ sau bán hàng cung cấp:
Đến máy móc dịch vụ ở nước ngoài Kỹ sư
Khả năng cung cấp
Khả năng cung cấp:
10000 Set/Sets per Month
Đóng Gói & Giao Hàng
Thông tin đóng gói
Carton + Khung Gỗ trường hợp Cho nhiệt độ điều khiển hệ thống sưởi pad.
Shanghai for temperature controlled heating pad
Thời gian chờ giao hàng: :
5-7days after payment for 24v silicone rubber heater bed


Description for temperature controlled heating pad


The Silicone Heating Pad consists of high temperature resistance wire wound around a fiberglass core for added support and flexibility while still allowing for expansion and contraction during heat up and cool down. The element is laid out in a computer designed pattern to provide maximum heat transfer and temperature uniformity. After the element is laid out, it is vulcanized between two sheets of silicone rubber until they become one. The silicone rubber sheets also have a layer of fiberglass for added strength and tear resistance. The same vulcanization process is used to attach the power leads and cord sets to the heater windings.


Product Feature


1.Maximum temperature resistant of insulant: 230°C
2.Maximum Operating Temperatures: 200 
3.Power deviation: 8%
4.insulating resistance: ≥ 5 MΩ
5.Compressive strength: 1500V/5
6.Width: 20mm-1000mm;Length: 25mm-1000mm

7. Fast heat diffusion, Uniform heat transfer,heat objects on;high thermal efficiency, high strength, long service life,work safe uneasy for ageing.


Pictures Show






Nametemperature controlled heating pad
ShapeRound,Rectangle,Irregular shape(customized shape)
SizeMin 20x20mm    Max 3000x1200mm
Voltage12v 24v  110v 120v 220v 230v 240v 380v etc
Temperature controldial,digital temperature control
Temperature sensorthermistor,k type,J type,E type thermocouple
BacksideWith or without 3M adheisve backside




1 Freezing and compression prevention for various instruments and devices.

2 Medical equipment such as blood analyzer, test tube heater.

3 Computer auxiliary equipment, such as laser printer.

4 Vulcanized surface of plastic film.





How to order?


1.Product specification

   If round,diametre,voltage?

   If rectangle,width,length,voltage?

   If irregular,drawing will be better for reference.

2.If you dont have any specification for products,just let us know your requirements,

   We offer a special design for you.

3.Pls indicate your needed quantity for better quotation.

4.Drawing will be sent to you for last confirmation before production.


Company Information


Yancheng Alloy Electric Heater Co.,Ltd is a professional engaged in the electric heater design, manufacture and sales of integrated entity enterprise, has over 20 years experience in electric heater of scientific research and production.

Enterprise has core technology advantage and introduce advanced technology and management concept, in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management requirements, strict control of raw materials quality, perfect detection means, with first-class technology, reliable quality and excellent service to win customers praise and praise.




 Package and Delivery



1.Package: Plastic bag wraped,carton box

2.Delivery time: For samples,3-5 days after payment

                          For big quantity,negotiated time

   Delivery terms: Express,by Sea,By Air


Contact Us

 Sales001 @ yccx666.com  

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