Đài Loan Nhập Khẩu-600 Denier Ánh Sáng Trọng Lượng Cử Tri Đi Bầu Ngựa Combo Mà Không Làm Đầy-3000/3000 MVT PU Tráng Vải

FOB Tham Khảo Giá:Nhận giá mới nhất
  • 10 - 49 Pieces
    25,00 US$
  • 50 - 499 Pieces
    24,50 US$
  • >=500 Pieces
    23,00 US$
Thời gian chờ giao hàng::
Số lượng( Pieces) 1 - 50 51 - 200 201 - 500 >500
Thời gian ước tính (ngày) 7 15 30 Có thể thương lượng
báo cáo Đáng Ngờ Hoạt Động
Thông tin chung
Chi Tiết Ngắn Gọn
Nơi xuất xứ:
Uttar Pradesh, India
Nhãn hiệu:
Mùa xuân và mùa thu
Chất liệu:
600 Denier Ripstop Polyester
Item Name:
Cử Tri đi bầu ngựa thảm
Phong cách:
Đầy đủ cổ mưa tấm
Tính năng:
Ngăn chặn để mưa
Màu sắc:
Tùy chỉnh
Kích thước:
Đóng gói:
PVC Dây Kéo Túi
Ngực phía trước:
2 Ngực phía trước Khóa Đóng Cửa
Có thể tháo rời Dây Đai Chân
Cao su
Khả năng cung cấp
Khả năng cung cấp:
6000 Piece/Pieces per Year
Đóng Gói & Giao Hàng
Thông tin đóng gói
Poly Túi với Dây Kéo
Nhava Sheva / IGI New Delhi Cargo
Ví dụ bằng hình ảnh:
Thời gian chờ giao hàng: :
Số lượng(Pieces) 1 - 50 51 - 200 201 - 500 >500
Thời gian ước tính (ngày) 7 15 30 Sẽ được thương lượng

Light Weight Turnout Full Neck Horse Rugs  

Fabric: 600 Denier Waterproof and Breathable Polyester Ribstop Outer - Taiwan Imported with 3000/3000 MVT - PU Coated 

Cotton Lined

No Filling 



  • 2 buckles at front
  • 2 short cross surcingles
  • Removable leg straps
  • Nylon Lined Tail Flap
  • Nylon Lined Shoulder Gusset
  • Nylon Lined Bottom both sides
  • Velcro Neck Closurer 



Packaging & Shipping




We Provide Door To Door Services By The Reputed Companies such as DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS  ETC.




We Deal with In Airport Delivery and Seaport Delivery.
Kindly Please Email Us If you Looking For Other Services and Facilities.



Company Information

FHS INTERNATIONAL is a multifaceted, technically sound and a quality assured export organization. We specialize in manufacturing and exporting of a wide range of equestrian, horse riding and Dog products to our customers all over the world. We offer a wide Portfolio of fully customized products to our customers which include all kinds of horse equipments, riding equipments, horse clothing and dog accessories.


We have complete infrastructure with highly qualified technocrats, most gifted craftsmen and modern machineries. We Endeavour to produce the best quality as per International Standards at most competitive prices. We work on developing designs that are traditional yet trendy. We use the finest quality of raw materials ensuring beauty and complete comfort.


We hope our website will provide you with a comprehensive range of the products that we offer. With years of experience, we are always dedicated to researching and developing new style products for our customers. We shall welcome your valued enquiries and shall love to serve you.


Quality Policy & Certification

    • We consistently aim to deliver world-class quality to our clients and end users.
    • Regular Inspection of intermediate products is carried out at various ancillary units to maintain quality of end product.
    • Batch wise quality inspection of finished products is undertaken



At FHS International, quality control is vital and indispensable part of the company’s efficient work culture. Each stage of production is carefully and continuously monitored by the company’s quality control staff as well as the management. All the quality raw material sourced from the company’s reputed vendors is checked on day to day basis. Stringent and proven QC measures at each production stage not only produce excellent final products but also bring down the rejection rate and keep the product cost in check. The idea is to produce an end product that gives you true value for your money.


Quality is the first consideration when researching the suitability of materials. We have a wide range of high quality leathers at our disposal. We use top grade cow, lamb, goat, & buff calf nappa leathers, which are soft, yet strong. The top quality bridle leather used by Pearl for the production of most of its products, has been tanned using a vegetable system that makes it non-toxic and eco-friendly. The hardware is stainless steel, cast brass or hard plated steel.


Our products are designed and crafted to be stylish and practical. The whole range echoes the quality and appeal of hand crafted leather goods. The quality of craftsmanship is envied throughout the world.


Factory & Infrastructure
We maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure with the best quality systems and machinery put in place. Specific machines / tools are allocated for particular jobs and the machines are operated by trained workmen that help in achieving perfection in design, while maintaining quality of products. Regular checks at various production levels reduces defects and improves the production turn around time.


We have been constantly developing new and innovative products over time and again, to provide our customers with something new in the market. With a help of strong infrastructure base our working standards have constantly gone up over the last few years to achieve new heights in the international market.




Q: What Is The Shipping Time?
Ans: It completely depends on the order quantity but we normally Take 4-6 weeks, Make sure to ask While you Order.

Q: Can We Get Sample To Check Quality Before We Place Any Big Order?
Ans: We Are Happy To Inform You That We Can Send Samples, And Buyer Will Be Responsible To Pay The Product & Shipping Cost By PayPal With Its Charges.

Q: Do You Provide Door To Door Services?
Ans: Yes, We Do Provide Door To Door Courier Services By DHL, FedEx, TNT

Q: Can You Produce Our Design With Our Logo On It?
Ans: Yes We Can Produce Your Design With Customized Logo With Your Brand Name, As Per to Send Us Pictures, Drawing Etc.

Q: Do You Accept PayPal Payments?
Ans: Yes We Do Accept PayPal Payments.


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