Hành khách Thang Máy Với Trang Trí Sang Trọng Cabin

FOB Tham Khảo Giá:Nhận giá mới nhất
9.000,00 US$ - 20.000,00 US$ / Set | 1 Set / Sets (Min. Thứ Tự)
Vận chuyển:
Hỗ trợ Vận tải đường biển
báo cáo Đáng Ngờ Hoạt Động
Thông tin chung
Chi Tiết Ngắn Gọn
Nơi xuất xứ:
Guangdong, China
Nhãn hiệu:
Cách sử dụng:
Thang máy dân cư
Lái xe Loại:
Thang máy Loại:
Thang máy hành khách
Tên sản phẩm:
Hành khách thang máy
Khả năng chịu tải:
550 kg/630 kg/800 kg/1000 kg/1050 kg/1150 kg/1250 kg /1350 kg
Ứng dụng:
Văn phòng Xây Dựng, Khu Dân Cư
Chất liệu:
Thép không Gỉ 304, Tùy Chọn
Cửa Mở Loại:
Trung tâm, bên cạnh và có thể gập lại mở
Hệ Thống điều khiển:
VVVF Thang Máy Điều Khiển
Mở cửa kích thước:
700 mét, 800 mét, 900 mét, 1100 mét
Máy kéo:
Nam Châm vĩnh cửu Đồng Bộ Không Hộp Số
Chứng nhận:
Thang máy
Khả năng cung cấp
Khả năng cung cấp:
3000 Set/Sets per Year Support Domestic high speed lifts Sale
Đóng Gói & Giao Hàng
Thông tin đóng gói
Các vật liệu đóng gói là trường hợp bằng gỗ, thông thường một đơn vị thang máy với 5 tầng nhu cầu 7 các trường hợp bằng gỗ. 7 tấn nhu cầu một 20'GP, thực sự nó's theo số lượng, trọng lượng và các trường hợp bằng gỗ tổng kích thước để lựa chọn các 20'GP, 40'GP hoặc 45'HQ.
China of Guangzhou
XIZIXIAO (GOTS) Elevator Co., LTD.
Passenger Elevator With Luxury Decoration Cabin
Product Description                                                                                    
GOTS Passenger Elevator
Passenger Elevator With Machine Room or without Machine Room
Capacity (kg): 550kg/630kg/800kg/1000kg/1050kg/1150kg/1250kg/1350kg
Speed (m/s): 1.0, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0,4.0


Accurate Intelligent A

Permanent-magnet synchronous door motor

1.       The thin permanent-magnet synchronous door motor featuring dual-loop control current speed can open and close the door in multi-speed curve smoothly and efficiently.

2.       Additionally, several intelligent running curves are available to meet the needs of different occasions.

3.       The 32-bit microcomputer-controlled system of all-digital operation, by using the microcomputer control system and the highly integrated module technologies of the inverter system to fully improved the response speed and reliability of the system.

4.       The permanent-magnet synchronous door motor working in the form of direct drive features the merits of large drive torque, compact structure, low running noise, low failure rate. Large low-speed torque, wide range of adjustment.

Accurate Intelligent B

AC variable-frequency door motor

Circular-arc-tooth synchronous belt connects to the synchronous door vane and door hanging board, the variable-frequency door motor drives the synchronous belt, door vane and door hanging board to open and close the door. In the processes of door opening and closing, the synchronous door vane has always hold to the lock roller of floor door to ensure synchronized movement of the car door, a bistable switch, photoelectric encoder, and optical encoder are used to position the door hanging boards on the left and right of the door motor, by adopting the integrated variable-frequency control system for the door motor, automatic control of door opening and closing with the door motor can be realized. The motor features the characteristics of simple transmission, high positioning accuracy, and smooth running. As the door hanging roller only contacts with a small area of the guide rail surface, the motor generates low noise and runs reliably.

Accurate Intelligent C

Control system

1.       The direct parking technology controlling distance offers greater conform at the starting and stopping, and higher efficiency than creeping parking.

2.       Integrating advanced 32-bit CAN-BUS, MDBUS, DSP dual-port RAM communications, and multi-CPU redundancy control, the variable-frequency control technology is becoming more mature and stable, guaranteeing low failure rate.

3.       The advanced remote monitoring technology can be used to monitor the real-time use of elevators in buildings, provide reliable information and high anti-jamming capability.

Accurate Intelligent D

Sound and reliable IC card system solutions(optional)

External call systems: Preventing people without a card or with an invalid one from entering the elevator, offering the functions of charging and management.

1.       Internal call system: Meeting the needs of floor management, elevator charging and security.

2.       Visitors system: Meeting the needs of visitors through the interphone system, fingerprint system and coin system.

3.       Fingerprint system: Furthering the upgrading of the intelligent elevator to meet the needs of a high level of security by equipping charging function in the community.

4.       Remote system: Meeting the needs of real-time control and management of the elevator.

 Detailed Images                                                                                          


Elevator Cabin.

Car ceiling: Suspended ceiling TS-004, transparent LED lamps on the stainless steel panel with white transparent plate of sub dued lighting design in the middle.

Back wall/central panel: Mirror polished stainless steel.

Panels on both walls/auxiliary panel: Streak-pattern stainlessteel.

Car floor: TS-805 2.0mm-thick PVC mosaic marbled floor.














Our Company                                                                                             


    Xizixiao Elevator Co., Ltd was founded in 2008, one of the most modern professional elevator enterprises with R&D, manufacturing and installation technology. With a total area of 24,000 square meters, company headquarters located in Zengcheng Technology Development Zone ,Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. The registered capital is 15.43 million USD.

    Company holds the elevator issued by China State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection, Quarantine of the manufacture and installation of the highest Level A manufacturing license, and receives quality, environmental, health system certification etc.

    In the future, safety and quality will still be in the first place. Continuous innovation technology, and constantly improve our service, for the world to provide a more comfortable and beautiful transport.






Packing & Delivery                                                                                      


The Packing

The Packing Material will use PLY WOOD BOXES as an standard export packing

The Delivery Time:

Start to production after receive 30% advance deposit from bank.
After the technical detail confirmed clear within 30-45 working days shipping.
Port of Loading China, Guangzhou Port.






1. Installation & Maintaining & Technical Support.


The complete documents including Installation manual will be delivered along with the elevator in the container.


Remote technical support is available via email, whatsapp, skype and etc.


If necessary , a techincian will be sent to assist you on the worksite upon your request.

2. Payment Term

T/T,Western Union or L/C at sight.

3. The Spare Parts & Guaranty

We will provide you the free spare parts delivered along with the container. 
If any parts get damaged due to quality issue within 12 months after B/L date. We will send new replacement once confirmed.
Welcome to contact me freely for inquiries or enter your needs to me as below form. 



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