MTB 250 thủy lực đập vỡ trên bush phụ tùng THỔ NHĨ KỲ ISTANBUL

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MTB 250
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Istanbul, Turkey
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1 năm
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Đến máy móc dịch vụ ở nước ngoài Kỹ sư
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Khả năng cung cấp:
400 Piece/Pieces per Month
Đóng Gói & Giao Hàng
ISTANBUL Haydarpasa
Thời gian chờ giao hàng: :
Số lượng( Pieces) 1 - 1 >1
Thời gian ước tính (ngày) 4 Sẽ được thương lượng


We are able to produce almost whole types of MTB breakers spare parts stated below:

MTB 25                                   MTB 210

MTB 34                                   MTB 250

MTB 35                                   MTB 275

MTB 36                                   MTB 360

MTB 45                                   MTB 500

MTB 85                                   MTB 700

MTB 120                              

MTB 150

MTB 170

Not only MSB and MTB breakers but also RAMMER, KRUPP, MONTABERT, DNB,  FINE, KOMAC, NPK, SOOSAN, TOPA, TABE, INDECO, TOKU, ATLAS COPCO, STANLEY, FURUKAWA, DAEMO, KWANGLIM, OKADA hydraulic breakers are in production scope of us.

Notice: The word MSB and MTB, and also the use of model numbers are for illustrative and reference purposes only. ATILIM MUHENDISLIK INSAAT SANAYI IC VE DIS TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI is NOT affiliated in any manner with any company mentioned herein. Parts sold by ATILIM MUHENDISLIK INSAAT SANAYI IC VE DIS TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI  may be of original equipment or aftermarket manufacture.

We are able to produce a kind of spare parts such as front head, chuck housing, side rod, side rod nut, thrust ring, inner bush, upper bushing, tool bushing, tool pin, bushing pin, lock pin, rubber ring, membrane, back up ring, wearing plate, nut, front cover, lower bushing, pin tool, seal retainer, chisels, piston, cylinder, wedge, accumulator, lock washer, through bolt, top buffer, side buffer, repair kit, seal kit brackets, etc... of MTB hydraulic hammer breaker.


ATILIM MUHENDISLIK is a authorized dealer of FINE hydraulic breakers in TURKEY. We are able to produce and supply nearly whole spare parts for all FINE hydraulic breaker models. In our factory, we have 5 CNC milling machine, 4 CNC lathe machine, 5 universal lathe machine those which two of them have grinding attachment. With our qualified CNC operators and engineers, we are able to produce spare parts for nearly whole hydraulic breaker brands.


                                        SOME VIEWS FROM OUR PRODUCTION AREA SHOWN BELOW:


For several hydraulic breaker parts, heat treatment should be perfect also. Heat treatment in uncontrolled environment  will make the product too soft or too brittle.

When Low hardness (ductile) Tip deformation, bending of shaft, early abrassion

When High hardness (brittle):  Prone to fructure failure

Heat treatments of our products has been made by our sup-suplier company for years.




Packaging & Shipping

 All Overseas orders will be carefully packed before sending for shipping. Each product is descriptively labelled and wrapped. Finally, your purchasings are placed in safely wooden boxes.   





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