Chất Lượng cao Điện Thông Gió

  • 1 - 9 đơn vị
    80,00 US$
  • >=10 đơn vị
    70,00 US$
Air Volume:
938 ~ 1500000m3/h
Tốc độ:
750-3300 R/min
Thời gian chờ giao hàng::
Số lượng( đơn vị) 1 - 1 2 - 20 >20
Thời gian ước tính (ngày) 7 9 Có thể thương lượng
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Logo tùy chỉnh (Min. Order: 1 đơn vị)
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báo cáo Đáng Ngờ Hoạt Động
Thông tin chung
Chi Tiết Ngắn Gọn
Trục lưu lượng Fan
Nơi xuất xứ:
Nhãn hiệu:
Phong Nha
Điện áp:
220 V/380 V/400 V/415 V/440 V/450 V/660 V
Chứng nhận:
Gắn kết:
Miễn phí thường vụ
Blade Vật liệu:
Thép không Gỉ
Bảo hành:
4 Năm
Dịch vụ sau bán hàng cung cấp:
Lĩnh vực cài đặt, vận hành và đào tạo
Áp dụng Các Ngành Công Nghiệp:
Khách sạn, May mặc Cửa Hàng, Vật Liệu xây dựng Cửa Hàng, Nhà Máy sản xuất, Máy móc Cửa Hàng Sửa Chữa, Thực phẩm và Đồ Uống Nhà Máy, Các trang trại, Nhà hàng, Nhà Sử Dụng, Bán lẻ, Thực phẩm Cửa Hàng, In ấn Cửa Hàng, Xây dựng làm việc, Năng lượng & Khai Thác Mỏ, Thực phẩm và Đồ Uống Cửa Hàng, Công Ty quảng cáo, Nhà máy xi măng, đường hầm xây dựng
Tên sản phẩm:
AC quạt ly tâm
Đường kính:
Động cơ:
ABB, SIEMENS thương hiệu
Cánh quạt Thử Nghiệm:
Năng động Blancing điều chỉnh
Áp lực:
1300 ~ 5805 PA
Nguồn điện:
Hiệu quả (%):
Ứng dụng:
Xi măng lò, Nồi Hơi, Đường Hầm, nhà máy, kỹ thuật xây dựng
Màu sắc:
Tùy chỉnh
Tính năng:
Nhỏ rung
Khả năng cung cấp
Khả năng cung cấp:
5000 Unit/Units per Year centrifugal fan blower
Đóng Gói & Giao Hàng
Thông tin đóng gói
Woden hộp trong Container cho điện thông gió
any port in China
Ví dụ bằng hình ảnh:
Thời gian chờ giao hàng: :
Số lượng(Units) 1 - 1 2 - 20 >20
Thời gian ước tính (ngày) 7 9 Sẽ được thương lượng

high quality electrical ventilator

We are factory and able to manufacture according to your requests !

high quality electrical ventilator
 Performance   Pressure rangePa2435~104461
Air flow rangem3/h2033~1230000 
Impeller diametermm400~2000 
Speed rpm750-3300 R/min
Materialcentrifugal fan caseDesign  Q235, Q345, stainless steel
 45# steel, Q304, SS304,SS316L
centrifugal fan shaft
centrifugal fan impellerQ304, 12Cr1Mov,15Crmov, 15MnV
Medium10---500°CIncombustibleDustiness<80 g/m3
MotorSiemens, ABB, WEG, TECO, LA3 phaseIP 54,55,56


• IP 55/65


Corrosion Proof

• 220v/380v/415v/440v/660v/1140v

• 1450RPM/960RPM/720RPM/590RPM

• High Temperature Proof (up to 500 °C)

• Each fan's impeller has been well dynamic balanced.


♦ Impeller Type: Backward/Forward/ radial blade

♦ Driving Mode: Direct/belt/Coupling drivetrain

♦ System Type: Single inlet type, Overhang type.

♦ Cooling Type: Air cooling/Circulating Water cooling

♦ Bearing Lubrication Methods: Grease lubricating/Oil bath lubrication

Motor Brand: ABB /Siemens /Baldor / Teco/ Westinghouse Motor 

♦ Basic Components: 

Motor, Impeller, Impeller cone (Air Inlet), Case, Main shaft, 
Bearing, Bearing housing, Pin coupling, Foundation bolt. 

System monitoring Instrument, Lube system, Overhead lube tank... 


  CE and ISO certificates

Product Description


  • Building ventilation/Oven exhaust/Drying system
  • Moisture blow-off/Fume removal/Glass tempering
  • Spray-booth exhaust/Air curtains/Cooling
  • Dust collection/Air recirculation/Pneumatic conveying
  • Combustion air /Food processing  

♦ Ventilating

Forced ventilating, Building ventilating, Mine ventilating, Tunnel ventilating, Materials ventilating and drying.


♦ Cooling and heat dissipation

Forced cooling and heat dissipation, Industrial equipments cooling and heat dissipation.


♦ Air purification and industrial waste gas treatment, Air filtration system, Flue gas desulfurization, Flue gas denitrification.


♦ Boiler's air supply and exhaust (Coal-fired boiler, Biomass boiler, Garbage incinerator, CFB boiler, Stokerfeed boiler.).


♦ Industrial boiler blowing air, Industrial boiler inducing air, Industrial boiler primary air, Industrial boiler secondary air.


♦ Industrial boiler waste gas desulfurization, Industrial boiler flue gas denitrification.


♦ Industrial kilns

Inducing air of Cement rotary kiln, Lime rotary kiln, Nickel iron rotary kiln, Clay sand rotary kiln, and other various calcining kilns.

Garbage incinerator blowing air, Garbage incinerator inducing air, Brick kiln inducing air.

Ventilating of cement mill, Coal mill and other large mill system.


♦ Energy and power: Thermal power plant, Garbage incineration power plant, Biomass fuel power plant, Industrial waste heat recovery device.


♦ Metal smelting: Blowing air of mineral powder sintering(Sintering machine), Furnace coke production(Furnace coke oven).


♦ Gas and materials delivery: General air delivery, High-temperature air delivery, Combustible gas delivery, Corrosive gas delivery, Gas mixed with impurity delivery.

Delivery of coal powder, Particle material/ Powder material/ Fragment materials/Fiber materials.


♦ Other:Pressurization and decompression seal of industrial equipment, Recovery of industrial waste gas, Supply air and drying of food and drug production line. 

 Characteristics  of  high quality electrical ventilator


♦ Outputting higher gas pressure, and providing larger air flow volume, low noise.


♦ Blades angle going through optimizing design, higher wear resistant, longer service life.


♦ Can flexibly adjust fan's volume and pressure in running by air damper. Can also adjust fan's pressure and volume by changing the fan speed via matching variable frequency motor.


♦ In the case of using system base, so easy for installation, no need of professionals direction.


♦ Transmission efficiency higher than belt driving's, much lower of fan system energy loss.


♦ Flexible connection for motor shaft and transmission shaft, no need to tension or change the belt, low maintenance work exhaust fan


♦ Fan system whose impeller's diameter below 1400mm, is not needed to match bearing cooling device, can reduce the customer's cost and maintenance work.


♦ Can satisfy different dust loading conditions that low dust loading to a good deal dust loading, the surface hardness of impeller can reach to HRC60~70 after special processing, greatly extending impeller's service life.


 Using liquid lubricating oil, no need to open bearing housing when changing or filling lubricating oil. Easy to observe the lubricating oil's quality and stock through inspection window on the bearing housing body of exhaust fan

♦ Bearing housing reserves installation place for temperature and vibration sensors, can install easily of fan running monitoring device.


♦ Bearing housing adopt labyrinth type mechanical seal, unique design of spill prevention of inner, venthole design on top, commissure coated with sealing grease, completely eliminating bearing housing oil leak.


♦ Selecting high efficiency energy saving motor of Chinese leading motor manufacturer( or customer required), reliable quality, low energy consumption.


♦ The motor load can be automatically reduced when airflow resistance is increasing, to prevent motor from destroying.


♦ Customizing design according to customer's performance requirements, and optimizing by CFD technology, energy consumption lower than same fans.


♦ Adopting high quality carbon steel manufacturing, or stainless steel and other metal materials according to customers' requirements.


♦ Fitting tightly of parts, good sealing, ensuring no reducing of output pressure.


♦ Impeller of annealing treatment, completely eliminating structure of internal stress when welding, ensuring impeller  appearance won't occur creepage and flaw.


♦ The welding line of impeller and main shaft passed ultrasonic flaw detection, ensuring no defect of welding and materials, guarantee strength.


♦ Impeller passed high standard dynamic balancing, ensuring stable running of fan.


♦ Running test and vibration value test for fans after finishing manufacturing, ensuring running reliably.


♦ Various optional components for your selection. 


1.Price Term:FOB,CFR,CIF. Door to Door service 

2.Professional engineers team will help you find solutions .

3.12 months warranty and long-term marketing, after-sale support.

4.Certifigation of Origin, Form A, Form E, Form B, Form P, Form F, Form N, Form X offered to Help you save duty cost.

5.24 hours service online,If any question, please contact with us freely by e-mail or telephone.

6.Our minimum order quantity is just only 1 piece, so you can order one sample to test quality ,if good ,can order more.

7. We have full stock, and can deliver within short time. Many styles for your choices. 

8. OEM and ODM order are accepted, any kind of logo printing or design are available.

9. Good Quality + Factory Price + Quick Response + Reliable Service, is what we are trying best to offer you.

What Should I offer to Order? Please advice following:
1Air Flow/Volume
6Attitude of Operation Place
high quality electrical ventilator

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