Cao Cấp Tái Chế Cơ Sở được sử dụng nấu ăn dầu chất thải động cơ dầu diesel dầu thực vật Thải

FOB Tham Khảo Giá:Nhận giá mới nhất
475,00 US$ - 582,00 US$ / Tấn | 50 Tấn / tấn (Min. Thứ Tự)
báo cáo Đáng Ngờ Hoạt Động
Thông tin chung
Chi Tiết Ngắn Gọn
Nhãn hiệu:
Trí thịnh
Nơi xuất xứ:
Hebei, China
Ứng dụng:
Phương tiện đi lại
Tiêu chuẩn:
ISO 14214A
Chất thải dầu
Nguyên liệu của diesel sinh học:
Dầu thực vật
Khả năng cung cấp
Khả năng cung cấp:
1000 Tonne/Tonnes per Week
Đóng Gói & Giao Hàng
Thông tin đóng gói
Thùng đóng gói
Tian Jin
Product Introduction

High Grade Recycled Base Oil used cooking oil waste engine oil to diesel Waste vegetable oil


1. Strong selective adsorption capacity, high decolorization rate, low oil carrying rate, fast filtration speed and small addition amount;
2. Effective removal of total phospholipids, soaps and trace metal ions from oils and fats is a natural antioxidant;
3. Remove aflatoxins, pesticide residues and other toxins and odor substances from oils and fats;
4. The acid value of the decolorized oil product does not rise, does not return color, is clear and transparent, has stable quality and long shelf life.
5. It is especially suitable for refining mineral oil, vegetable oil and animal oil.

Product Details

Range of application

Oil industry
Used for refining, decolorizing and purifying minerals such as petroleum, grease, paraffin, wax oil, kerosene, etc. as well as petroleum cracking.
Food industry
Used as clarifying agent for wine and sugar juice, stabilizing treatment for beer, saccharification treatment, sugar juice purification, etc.
Chemical industry
Used as catalyst, filler, desiccant, adsorbent and flocculant for wastewater treatment.
National defense, medical and health
It can be made into chemical and drug prevention agent and antidote.
Animal and vegetable oil refining
It is used for decolorization and purification, removing harmful pigments, phospholipids, saponin, cotton acid, etc. from oil to make it into high-grade edible oil.
Our Service

Customized Service:
With our own mould workshop, customzied service is avaiable.

OEM Service:
We can offer OEM service according to customers' Logo, package, etc.

Free Samples:
Customers just need to afford the shipping freight to get free samples.

Online Service:
24 hours online service available.

Easy Payments:
T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal, etc.

Transport of goods:
Sea transportation,Air transport,Railway transportation and Express delivery.

Our Company
Product Packing
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Q1: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
A:1. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ;
    2. Every customer deserves to be respected. They are not only our business partners, but also our friends. Sincerely welcome to communicate with us.

Q2. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.

Q3: Can you provide us some samples for testing?
A: Of course, my friend. For small amount of samples, we can provide you for free.

Q4: How is our customer service?
A: All our sales representatives are online 24 hours a day to ensure that you can contact us at any time.

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