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Lớp Một Lishen LiFePO4 Prismatic 3.2V 272Ah 202Ah 76Ah 40Ah Lưu Trữ Pin Di Động Hơn 3000 Chu Kỳ

38,00 US$ - 166,00 US$ / Piece | 16 Pieces (Đơn hàng tối thiểu)
Loại Pin:
Lăng trụ
Danh nghĩa Công suất:
40Ah 76Ah 202Ah 272Ah
Điện áp danh định:
38,00 US$
- +
còn hàng
0món hàngđược chọn, Đô la Mỹ $tổng cộng
Xem chi Tiết
Phí vận chuyển:
Vui lòng xác nhận số lượng hàng hóa.
Thời gian chờ giao hàng:
7 ngày sau khi nhận được khoản thanh toán
Theo yêu cầu:
Logo tùy chỉnh (Đơn hàng tối thiểu: 500 Pieces)
Bao bì tùy chỉnh (Đơn hàng tối thiểu: 500 Pieces)

Nhiều hơn

Tùy chỉnh hoạt tiết (Đơn hàng tối thiểu: 500 Pieces) Ít hơn
Mẫu: 166,00 US$ /Piece , 1 Piece (Min. Thứ Tự): Mua mẫu
Liên hệ nhà cung cấp
Mẫu - 166,00 US$ /Piece , 1 Piece (Min. Thứ Tự): Mua mẫu
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báo cáo Đáng Ngờ Hoạt Động
Thông tin chung
Chi Tiết Ngắn Gọn
Ứng dụng:
Thiết Bị Gia Dụng, Điện tử tiêu dùng, thuyền, Xe Golf, Tàu Ngầm, Xe Đạp Điện/Xe Tay Ga, Điện Folklifts, Xe Điện, Xe Lăn Điện, Điện Hệ Thống Điện, Năng Lượng Mặt Trời Hệ Thống Lưu Trữ, Uninterruptible Nguồn Cung Cấp Điện, Lưu trữ năng lượng điện, xe điện
pin Kích thước:
Nhãn hiệu:
Chứng nhận:
CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3
Số Mô Hình:
Nơi xuất xứ:
Guangdong, China
trọng lượng:
3.9 ± 0.1kg
Nơi Xuất Xứ:
Trung Quốc
Công Suất danh định (Ah):
40Ah 76Ah 202Ah 272Ah
Điện Áp danh định (V):
Chu kỳ cuộc sống:
> 3000 lần
Bảo hành:
2 năm
Chào mừng bạn
Tên sản phẩm:
Lishen LiFePO4 Prismatic 3.2V 40Ah 76Ah 202Ah Pin Lưu Trữ Di Động
Lợi thế:
Không có chì, không có kim loại nặng, không có độc hại yếu tố
Kích Thước pin:
Trọng lượng:
3.9 ± 0.1kg

Đóng Gói & Giao Hàng

Đơn vị bán hàng:
Một món hàng
Kích thước một bao bì: 
40X30X20 cm
Tổng một trọng lượng:
4.250 kg
Ví dụ bằng hình ảnh:
Thời gian chờ giao hàng: :
Số lượng( Pieces) 1 - 16 >16
Thời gian ước tính (ngày) 7 Sẽ được thương lượng
Mô Tả Video 
Product Advantages


Advantages of 3.2V LiFePO4 Prismatic Storage Battery Cells

  • High Energy density, long cycle life, reliable safety
  • High lifespan: three thousand cycles and more
  • Ultra safe Lithium ion chemistry(no thermal run-away, no fire or explosion risks)
  • No lead, no heavy metal, no toxic element
  • Excellent temperature robustness(-20℃ up to +55℃ )
  • Flexbile deployment: combining in parallel and series
  • Constant power during discharge(very low internal resistance)
  • Energy efficiency>96%
  • Very low self  discharge(<5% per month)
  • No memory effect
  • Passed CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3
Product Description


Grade A Lishen LiFePO4 Prismatic 3.2V 40Ah 76Ah 202Ah 272Ah Storage Battery Cell Over 3000 Cycles

------ Mankind-enjoyed, green power



General Technical Parameter of LP54173210-202Ah:



Standard Charging Mode

At room temperature, charging with a constant current of 0.5 I1(A) to a charging cut-off voltage of 3.65V, and turn to constant voltage charging. The constant voltage is 3.65V, stop charging when the charing cut-off current reaches 0.05 I1(A). After charging, make it stand still for one hour.


Different Temperature Discharging Capacity

Storage Performance

Cycle Life



Testing method:

The battery is cyclically tested according to standard charging and discharging at room temperature or 45°C. The discharge cut-off voltage is 2.5V, record the number of cycles until the discharge capacity decays to 161.6Ah, .


Safety Performance




Excellent Lishen 3.2V Models We Have

Voltage Capacity Charge/discharge rate Charge/discharge end voltage Size Weight
3.2V 40AH 6C/6C 3.65V/2.0V 27*148*134mm 1.05Kg
3.2V 76AH 1C/1C 3.65V/2.0V 27*148*204mm 1.63Kg
3.2V 202AH 1C/1C 3.65V/2.0V 54*173*205mm 3.9Kg
3.2V 272AH 1C/1C 3.65V/2.0V 72*174*208mm 5.4Kg

For many more models we have, please ask for our specifications.


Lishen 3.2V 40Ah, 76Ah, 202Ah and 272Ah models requires laser welding, if you are not able to handle it, we will drill screws on terminal plates.


All cells supplied are highly consistent in voltage, capacity and internal impedance with full capacity and same history. 


Product Detail

LiFePO4 cells in prismatic form use the latest cathode technology and deliver high-capacity cells that are among the safest and most robust in the industry. Our cell products are ideal for the transportation, grid power, and commercial and industrial vehicle markets.


Our standard modules can be custom-configured as the building blocks to accelerate development of power systems for a variety of applications, such as electric motorcycles, commercial and industrial units and stationary storage.



Examples of our power solution by using Lishen 3.2V cells

------> 48V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery pack in 16 series 1paralle configuration for electric vehicle




------> Six 24V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery packs in parallel to achieve 24V 1200Ah power for RV energy storage




Besides, we also supply excellent BMS for your choice, our BMS options include:


12.8V 4S 100A / 120A / 150A / 200A BMS 

24V 8S 100A / 120A / 150A / 200A BMS 

36V 13S 100A / 120A / 150A / 200A BMS 

48V 16S 100A / 120A / 150A / 200A BMS 


If you need BMS, please let us know BMS nominal volt and continuous discharge current.



BMS board Protection: BMS is used to supervise battery by measure its voltage, temperature, current and SOC (State Of Charge), give out alarm under wrong circumstance, cut off electric power link in severe situation in order to protect battery and make its life longer.


Product Application

Our lithium-ion power battery cell products can be applied to electric passenger cars, electric bus cars, electric logistics vehicles and a variety of special models. The years of research and development experience and results are used in design and production to meet start-stop, fast charge, long life, High energy density, waterproof and dustproof and other functional requirements.


The application areas of energy storage products include smooth renewable energy output, power grid frequency modulation, communication base stations, industrial and commercial buildings and household energy storage. It can adjust smooth new energy, make up for line loss power compensation, track the plan to cut peaks and fill valleys, and realize efficient use of new energy.



Company Information


About us


We design and manufacture batteries for a wide range of applications with around 12 years experience, from low-power low-capacity batteries for industrial, leisure and medical uses, to high-power high-capacity batteries for use in electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Provide power solution for customers both domestic and abroad, from end user, small business owner to large entreprise.






  • Before using it, you should read the specifications carefully and have a deep enough understanding of the warning contents.
  • It is strictly forbidden to modify or disassemble the battery; these actions may cause the battery to catch fire, leak or explode.
  • It is strictly forbidden to expose the battery cell to excessive heat or throw it into fire, and do not place the battery in direct sunlight.
  • It is strictly prohibited to directly connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery with metal or other wires to form a path, which will cause the battery to short circuit.
    May cause the battery to catch fire or explode.
  • The battery case is positively charged. It is strictly prohibited to directly connect the negative terminal of the battery with metal or other wires to form a path with the battery case.
    This will cause the battery to short circuit, which may cause the battery to catch fire or even explode.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use the positive and negative terminals upside down.
  • It is strictly forbidden to immerse the battery cell in water or other conductive liquids, or make it absorb moisture.
  • It is strictly forbidden to subject the battery cell to excessive mechanical shock.
  • It is strictly forbidden to directly solder the battery. Overheating may cause deformation of battery components (such as gaskets), which will cause the battery to swell,
    Leakage, fire or even explosion.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use batteries that have been squeezed, dropped, short-circuited, leaked or otherwise abnormal during transportation.
  • The battery should be stored and used in a place away from static electricity.
  • It is forbidden to use the battery with other primary batteries or secondary batteries, nor with different packaging, different models or their
    Use batteries of other brands together.
  • During use, charging and discharging or storage, it is found that the battery suddenly becomes hot, emits odor, discolors, deforms or other
    The reaction should be stopped immediately and treated accordingly.
  • If the battery leaks to the skin or clothing, please immediately rinse with water to avoid skin discomfort.


  • During the transportation process, it should be prevented from severe vibration, shock, sunlight and rain. The battery should be charged at 10~50% SOC during transportation


Service & Warranty


What make us unlike others?

  • We can sign contract, after-sales service aggrement, non-disclosure aggrement, etc with you.
  • We stand by our warranty. The period of warranty is 13 months from the date of received. Herculesi guarantees to give a replacement in case of batteries with defects proven due to manufacturing process instead of the customer abuse and misuse. 
  • We have in house manufacturing faculties as well as testing faculties for our manufactured equipments & systems. Stringent measures are taken to ensure that the quality standard of our company is maintained at all levels.
  • We accept OEM orders. We can customize and rebuild batteries to your exact specifications with various imported branded lithium ion cells and local top-notch cells to choose from.
  • Our cells passed related quality certificates. 3.2V 100Ah/200Ah/300Ah/400Ah passed CE, RoHS, MSDS and UN38.3. 3.2V 50Ah/55Ah/75Ah/90Ah/105Ah passed CCS, IEC62619, MSDS, RoHS, UN38.3 and UL.


If you are interested to this Grade A Lishen LiFePO4 Prismatic 3.2V 40Ah 76Ah 202Ah 272Ah Storage Battery Cell Over 3000 Cycles, please contact us now!

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