Cá Quy Mô Collagen Peptide Cấp Thực Phẩm Bổ Sung Bột Giá Bán Buôn

FOB Tham Khảo Giá:Nhận giá mới nhất
18,80 US$ - 23,80 US$ / Kg | 1 Kg / kg * (Min. Thứ Tự)
Thời gian chờ giao hàng::
Số lượng( kg *) 1 - 1000 1001 - 2000 2001 - 3000 >3000
Thời gian ước tính (ngày) 3 5 7 Có thể thương lượng
Theo yêu cầu:
Logo tùy chỉnh (Min. Order: 1000 kg *)
Bao bì tùy chỉnh (Min. Order: 1000 kg *)

Nhiều hơn

Tùy chỉnh hoạt tiết (Min. Order: 1000 kg *) Ít hơn
báo cáo Đáng Ngờ Hoạt Động
Thông tin chung
Chi Tiết Ngắn Gọn
Chức năng:
Chống nhăn, Chống-lão hóa, Chống nhăn, Chống lão hóa, Chống oxy hóa
Nơi xuất xứ:
Shaanxi, China
Nhãn hiệu:
Cá Quy Mô Collagen Peptide 95%
Dạng bào chế:
Tên sản phẩm:
Cá Quy Mô Collagen Peptide
Tên khác:
Cá Collagen Peptide
Đặc điểm kỹ thuật:
95% Protein
Da cá và cá quy mô
Trắng mịn bột
Nhẹ fishy hương vị
Cấp thực phẩm, Mỹ Phẩm cấp
Độ hòa tan:
100% tan trong nước
Mẫu Dịch Vụ:
Mẫu miễn phí 30g ~ 50g
Khả năng cung cấp
Khả năng cung cấp:
9500 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month
Đóng Gói & Giao Hàng
Thông tin đóng gói
1Kg: Đóng Gói trong các lá nhôm túi với thực phẩm cấp bằng túi nhựa;
5Kg: Đóng Gói trong các trống với thực phẩm-lớp hai bằng túi nhựa;
20Kg: Đóng Gói trong các NW.20kg giấy carton với thực phẩm-lớp hai túi nhựa.
Ví dụ bằng hình ảnh:
Thời gian chờ giao hàng: :
Số lượng( kg *) 1 - 1000 1001 - 2000 2001 - 3000 >3000
Thời gian ước tính (ngày) 3 5 7 Sẽ được thương lượng

Fish Scale Collagen Peptide Food Grade Supplement Powder Wholesale Price

Product Description

Product Details:

 Items Specification Results
 Appearance Uniform powder or granules Uniform powder
 Color White or light yellow powder White powder
 Odor Slight fishy taste Conforms
 Stacking density 0.30~0.35g/ml 0.33g/ml
 Content protein ≥95.0% 98.6% (Dry basis)
 Moisture ≤8.0% 5.2%
 Ash ≤2.0% 0.8%
 PH 5.0~7.5 6.3
 Peroxides (H2O2) ≤10mg/kg <10mg/kg
 Sulfur dioxide (SO2) ≤40mg/kg <40mg/kg
 Heavy Metal
 Lead (Pb) ≤0.5mg/kg <0.5mg/kg
 Arsenic (As) ≤0.5mg/kg <0.5mg/kg
 Mercury (Hg) ≤0.5mg/kg <0.5mg/kg
 Chromium (Cr) ≤1.0mg/kg <0.5mg/kg
 Cadmium (Cd) ≤0.1mg/kg <0.1mg/kg
 Total of bacteria ≤10,000cfu/g Complies
 Yeast & Mold ≤100cfu/g Complies
 Coliforms ≤10cfu/g Complies
 Staphylococcus Negative Not Detected
 Salmonella Negative Not Detected
 E. Coli Negative Not Detected
 Conclusion Conform with the specification.
 Storage Store in sealed containers at the cool & dry place.
 Shelf life 2 years when properly stored.
 Packing NW.20kg paper carton.


Product Introduction:

 The collagen is the primary structural protein found in the connective tissues in the body, including the skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. But with aging, peoples own collagen is losing gradually, we need to reinforce and keep health according to absorption from man-made collagen. Collagen protein can be extracted from Skin or Gristle of fresh Marine fish, Bovine, Porcine, and Chicken, in the form of powder, so it's very edible. Take different techniques, there are Hydrolyzed Collagen, Active Collagen, Collagen Peptide, Gelatin and so on. Our fish scale collagen peptide food grade supplement powder is through enzymatic Engineering and sprays drying technology extracted completely from fresh fish skins and fish scales. It features easy absorption, high protein content, high light transmittance, low ash ingredient and low heavy metal content. Because of good raw materials, advanced technology and strict QC system, Therefore has the high biological safety. The finds wide applications in health food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.   


1. Collagen protein is the substance that holds the body together, it forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure, increased femur bone strength and flexibility, promote make bones hard and flexible, not loose fragile;
2. Collagen peptide powder helped decrease painful symptoms and improving joint function in people with osteoarthritis. As the supplement was absorbed, collagen accumulated in the cartilage, and this helped to rebuild the extracellular matrix, promote muscle cell connection and activate cells, improve immune;
3. Collagen protein is the most abundant protein in your body, it gives your skin gloss and elasticity, referred to as the "youth protein", hydrolyzed collagen accelerates the turnover of skin cells and provides support to the structure of your skin, protect the skin, make the skin flexible, prevent skin aging, eliminate wrinkles. 



1. Fish scale collagen peptide powder is mainly used as cosmetic additives, it can be absorbed easily. Contains a large number of hydrophilic groups, excellent moisture factors and balances the moisture of the skin, helpful for get rid of color around eyes and acne, keep skin white and wet, whitening skin;
2. Fish scale collagen peptide can be used as healthy products, it can prevent cardiovascular disease, softening blood vessel inhibit blood pressure, recovery of gastric mucosa prevent ulcerative disease;
3. Food grade fish scale collagen peptide can serve as a calcium food additives, invigoratingly prevent spur;
4. Food grade supplement powder fish scale collagen peptide can be widely used in frozen food, beverages, dairy products, candy and so on.

Production Process
Packaging & Shipping

Our Services

Company Information

 Shaanxi Ming Chemical Technology Co,.Ltd. is specialized in natural food supplements Chinese suppliers. We are engaged in developing and producing sales plant extract active ingredients for our customers, widely used global nutrition, health care, medical treatment, functional food, beverage, and cosmetics etc. And promote the healthy development of the food industry.
 The company Since it was established, we order to “Make Life Better And Healthier” as the enterprise vision and mission, relying on China’s vast range of plant resources, set strict quality control system, good quality control platform, owns a professional team in food, medicine, and chemistry fields professional team, and partners are committed to natural ingredients the traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health concept and modern nutritional science perfect combination to provide valuable and effective products.
 We aim to be the first-class food supplements supplier in China. Sincerely look forward to your cooperation with us and give you timely efficient, specialized, and comprehensive service.



Q1: How should I know the quality of your products before I place an order?
A: We can provide you the free sample for testing, you only need to pay the shipping cost or arrange a courier to us. 
Q2: What is the MOQ?
A: Usually, for most of the products our MOQ is based on 1kg, or it can depend on your request.
Q3: Is there the discount available?
A: Definitely yes, price discount varies from different quantities of your order.
Q4: How about the delivery time?
A: About 2~3 working days after payment confirmed.
Q5: What is your payment methods?
A: For the payments, you have more options like PayPal, TT, LC, Paying online etc.
Q6: How to start orders or make payments?
A: Proforma invoice will be sent first after confirmation of the order, enclosed our bank information.
Q7: How do you react to product quality issues?
A: We all the products are tested with strict QC and QA, the products quality problem to near zero. If quality problems happen we will fully cooperate with you to solve the problem and compensation your loss.
Q8: How to contact you?
A: You can contact us by Trademanager, Whatsapp or Skype as below. You can choose your interested products and send an inquiry to us. Or dial our telephone directly and send E-mail.

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