Battery Powered Năng Lượng Mặt Trời Cuộc Sống Lâu Dài Tự Động Thẫm Màu Hàn Mũ Bảo Hiểm

FOB Tham Khảo Giá:Nhận giá mới nhất
9,78 US$ - 11,45 US$ / Đơn vị | 20 Đơn vị / đơn vị (Min. Thứ Tự)
Xem Diện tích:
báo cáo Đáng Ngờ Hoạt Động
Thông tin chung
Chi Tiết Ngắn Gọn
Nơi xuất xứ:
Nhãn hiệu:
Cartridge Kích:
Độ nhạy:
Điều Chỉnh vô cấp
Thời gian chuyển đổi:
1/25000 s
Nguồn cung cấp:
Năng lượng mặt trời Tế Bào + Pin Lithium
Mũ bảo hiểm Vật liệu:
Tính năng:
Cuộc Sống Lâu dài Thời Gian
0.1-1.0 s Vô Cấp Biến (Nội Bộ) Đội Mũ Bảo Hiểm
Màu sắc:
Hải quan
Tự động Thẫm Màu Mặt Nạ
Tối màu Nhà Nước:
DIN9 ~ 13
Chất liệu:
PP Chất Liệu
UV/IR Bảo Vệ:
Chứng nhận:
Thiết kế
Khả năng cung cấp
Khả năng cung cấp:
20000 Unit/Units per Month
Đóng Gói & Giao Hàng
Thông tin đóng gói
Đóng gói Thông Tin Chi Tiết:
1 đơn vị = 1 thiết lập tự động thẫm màu hàn mũ bảo hiểm để một PE túi nhựa, 1 mảnh hướng dẫn cuốn sách, 1 mảnh hộp màu
1 nhỏ duy nhất đo lường hộp: 25*23*30 cm Tổng Trọng Lượng: 0.85 KG
4 đơn vị/thùng carton Measuremetn: 54*50*32 cm Trọng Lượng: 5.0 KG
6 đơn vị/thùng carton đo lường: 76*55*32 cm Trọng Lượng: 7.5 KG
20 đơn vị/thùng carton đo lường: 68.5*55*45 cm Tổng Trọng Lượng: 18.9 KG
Any Port of China
Mô Tả Video 

Battery Powered Solar Long Life Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Product Description

Auto Darkneing Welding Helmet Suitable for:


Argon are welding, TIG, TIG Pulsing, MIG, MAG,

Electrode, Plasma cutting and Grinding.


Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Performance Characteristics:


1: Popular&classiacal design, the welding helmet's internal structure design meets the ergonomics principle

2: Helmet shell adopts PP material, with high and low temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, flame retardant, soft, ligh-tight, high intenstity and durable.

3: Auto-darkening filter switching time soon, high clear, wide view area, and with small cosumable etc. features.

4: Automatic SMT welding technology, fully ensure product quality stability and reliability.

5: Overall-process protection against ultraviolet(UV) and infrared(IR) radiation.



TRQ Auto Darkening Welding Filter                                            




Filter ParametersTRQ-1100TRQ-2100DHTRQ-2200DHTRQ-2200DETRQ-2233DETRQ-2233FF
Filter Size108*50*5mm110*90*10mm110*90*10mm110*90*10mm110*90*10mm110*90*10mm
View Area90*32mm90*32mm90*40mm90*40mm92*42mm92.5*42.5mm
Dark State ShadeDIN11DIN11DIN9-13(internal)DIN9-13(external adjust)DIN9-13(external adjust)DIN9-13(external adjust)
UV/IR ProtectionDIN15DIN15DIN16DIN16DIN16DIN16
Switch Time0.2ms0.2ms0.2ms0.2ms0.2ms0.2ms
Delay Time0.5s0.5s0.5s0.5sStepless Control 0.2s-1sStepless Control 0.2s-1s
SensitivityFixedFixedFixedFixedStepless ControlStepless Control
Power SupplySolar Cell And Lithium BatterySolar Cell And Lithium BatterySolar Cell And Lithium BatterySolar Cell And Lithium BatterySolar Cell And Lithium BatterySolar Cell And Lithium Battery
Grinding Function NO NoYesYesYesYes
Tig, Mig, Mag, ProtectiveYesYesYesYesYesYes
Sensor Quantity2pcs2pcs2pcs2pcs2pcs2pcs
Power SwitchFully AutomaticFully AutomaticFully AutomaticFully AutomaticFully AutomaticFully Automatic
Operation Temperature-10°C ~ + 55°C-10°C ~ + 55°C-10°C ~ + 55°C-10°C ~ + 55°C-10°C ~ + 55°C-10°C ~ + 55°C
Stroage Temperature-20°C ~ + 70°C-20°C ~ + 70°C-20°C ~ + 70°C-20°C ~ + 70°C-20°C ~ + 70°C-20°C ~ + 70°C
Lower Power WarnNoNoNoNoNoYes
Power Test FunctionNoNoNoNoNoYes
Battery ReplaceableNoNoNoNoNoYes
Apply toEye Path Maks, Hands Mask, Leather Mask, Apple MaskDecals Helmet, Spray Pait Helmet, Polishing HelmetDecals Helmet, Spray Pait Helmet, Polishing HelmetDecals Helmet, Spray Pait Helmet, Polishing HelmetDecals Helmet, Spray Pait Helmet, Polishing HelmetDecals Helmet, Spray Pait Helmet, Polishing Helmet
Package200pcs/carton                             4units/carton, 6units/carton, 20units/carton



TRQ Decals Helmet(decals can also be customized, can be added logo)


This isn't all, more decals or paiting and water transfer workart welding helmet, please contact our sales!

 TRQ Spray Painting Helmet(color can also be customized, can be added logo) 


 TRQ Polishing Welding Helmet(color can also be customized, can be added logo)  



TRQ Certifications




Our Services

A: when we receive you inquiry, our sales girl will reply you at the first time on email or trademangager and give the information you want to get which are about products helmets or welding.

B: during we are discussing about the details, like packing, shipping, which payment we can accept, warranty, technical question or OEM prdouction, we will do our best and our sales will serve you on line anytime, you need describe your question precisely.

C: during workshop produce, our sales girl will monitor the producing progress anytime and take pictures for you or show on video to ensure the quality and delivery time.

D: our quality control circle will check all products for you, from filter produce, helmet install and packing completed and cartons packing.

Company Information


We are a factory local in the middle area of China, wuhan city which have Yellow Crane Tower, many people from all over the world like to trave here. You know changjiang river? Our factory and office all in the third project of Optic Valley Electronic Industrial Park donghu gaoxin district. We focus on producing for more than 30 years, especially on PCB board, auto-darkening welding filter design and research are our advantages. We are eager to produce the multifunction products .

Our automatic darkening welding helmet suitable for Argon arc welding, Tig, Tig Pulsing, Mig, Mag, Electrode, Plasma cutting and Grinding.


TRQ Displace Case


Packaging & Shipping

Packing Details:

1 unit=1 set auto darkening welding helmet to a PE plastic bag, 1 piece instruction book, 1 piece color box

1 single small box measurement: 25*23*30cm Gross Weight: 0.85KG

4 units/carton carton Measuremetn: 54*50*32cm Gross Weight: 5.0KG
6 units/carton carton measurement: 76*55*32cm Gross Weight: 7.5KG
20 units/carton carton measurement: 68.5*55*45cm Gross Weight: 18.9KG




Production Flow



Q: Whether your comany is a trading company or a factory?

A: We are a professinal manufacture.

Q: How long your company do on optoelectronic industry?

A: More than 20years.

Q: Which payment terms your company prefer to?

A: T/T, L/C, Western Uniton Or Paypal. We choose the payment according to different country, hope you can understand.

Q: Can we visit your factory?

A: Welcome your visiting.

Q: Can you produce the welding helmet for ur with our logo?

A: Yes, we can. Also, we can laser your logo on the welding filter.

Q: How long is your delivery time usually?

A: It's about 10-30days. We can dliver by air and by sea.

After-Sales Service



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