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Kerala, India
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Eden Vật Phẩm Sáng Tạo InfoTech
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Eden is a leading mobile application development company in India offers iPhone* Android*windows & custom mobile applications.



We are a dominating mobile application development company in India, offering superior mobile applications in international quality and standards. Our cost effective and promising services are designed to certainly take your business to next level.

When a client approaches us with a mobile application idea, we focus on the requirement gathering and analysis of the project.

We then create a System Flow Specification (SFS) which covers all the functionalities and requirements of the mobile app. This is forwarded to the client for study and approval.

We start with the design and development process only when the client approves it and is satisfied with the functional aspects of the mobile application. The Mobile Application Development Lifecycle (MADLC) consists of the project requirements, system flow, database design and coding.

We set different milestones for the project modules or phases, to ensure its quality and to monitor its progress. We send regular status reports, feedbacks and reviews of the project to the client.

We also perform different quality assurance and testing methods to check product quality.

Eden Innovative InfoTech believes in the bug free delivery of a project as the last stage of development and this builds our reputation.

We provide reasonably priced web design, development and optimization services that consists of

  •       Web apps
  •       Native apps
  •       Hybrid apps


We build mobile applications in all categories like

  •       Utility, productivity and entertainment apps
  •       Health and fitness
  •       Education and communication
  •       Business and finance
  •       Books and Reference
  •       Lifestyle and health
  •       Travel and Local
  •       Services, weather and transportation
  •       Games, music and widgets


We also help you in hosting of your mobile applications to stores like

  •       Amazon app store
  •       Google Play
  •       Windows store
  •       App store


We have been in and around the industry since 2004, and became a Cochin based Private Ltd Company for 7 years, but still remain as a top-notch web design company in the world. Having delivered 1000s of successful projects around the globe, we have built incomparable reliability and respect as a premium web design company in clients. We offer extremely professional and elegant services to clients to more than 100 countries. We have several development wings with expert programmers in our Company to meet your varying needs, that include a web design and development wing creating custom websites, social media and e-commerce, a mobile application wing with developers of IOS, Android and Windows applications, a quality assurance and testing team to check the quality of end products, a support and maintenance team to back you with future needs and requirements, an SEO and marketing team to optimize and market websites and applications, and also include a project management and delivery team to practice timely delivery and client satisfaction.  


Feel free to contact us today with your requirements, product images, design works etc… and we will provide you with the best quality products and unbeatable after service.


We sincerely look forward to business with you.


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