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    25.000,00 US$
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Hunan, China
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Hình xuyến
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ONAV-mà không cần đánh dấu; S-Nước làm mát; F-ONAF
Tên khác:
Nhựa Cách Nhiệt Khô
Mô hình:
Kết hợp Biến Áp
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Loại hộp kết hợp biến áp
Dầu Đắm Mình Biến Áp
Hộp loại Biến Áp
Khả năng cung cấp
Khả năng cung cấp:
8000 Unit/Units per Year
Đóng Gói & Giao Hàng
Thông tin đóng gói
1. lò Biến Áp, Đặc Biệt Biến Áp, thường được sử dụng Khỏa Thân đóng gói & nhà máy thường xuyên đóng gói.
2. điện Máy Biến Áp, Biến Áp Phân Phối thường được sử dụng trọn gói nhà máy, ván ép hoặc hạt hội đồng quản trị trường hợp.
OEM có sẵn.
Shanghai / Shenzhen / Guangzhou /Any China Port
Thời gian chờ giao hàng: :
Số lượng( đơn vị) 1 - 1 >1
Thời gian ước tính (ngày) 30 Sẽ được thương lượng
Product Details

Box type Transformer 

Usage Environment

Altitude of not more than 2000m
Ambient temperature range: not more than +40 ℃, not less than -35 ℃
Outdoor wind speed: not more than 35m/s
Relative humidity: daily average value of not more than 95%, monthly average value of not more than 90%
Installed in places away from fire or explosion hazards, serious contamination, chemical corrosion and severe vibrations.
For any parameters beyond the normal environmental conditions for operation stated above, users can discuss with the factory for solutions.

Main Transformer


GB 1094.1-2003          GB 1094.2-2003

GB 1094.3-2003          GB 1094.5-2003

JB/T 5344.1-2004       J B/T  6303-2004

JB/T 8506-1996          JB/T 8636-1997

JB/T 9640-1999

Technical Drawing

Power Transformer / Main Transformer / Substation Electric Equipment Transformer

Technical Parameters

ZBW11 Series modular substaition transformer : 

ZBW11 series modular substation series are the 35KV substation equipment dedicated for wind power generation, developed based on the digestion and absorption of advanced technology and production processes, to meet the growing need for wind power generation.

The new product of our company - metal shell substations adopt aluminumcoated zinc platesheets and electrostatic spraying process for the boards, whose mechanical strength and anti-corrosion effect are greatly improved; therefore, the products are especially suitable for wind farms with the damp environment and heavy winds. The sheet metal is processed and assembled by CNC machine tools to ensure the accuracy of the connections, compact structure, convenient and flexible assembly and processing. The stainless steel hinge allows the doors to be opened and closed more flexibly. The elastic structure is adopted, to achieve good windproof effect. The automatic return device of the lock allows the door to be opened and closed with ease. The top is of the double-decked structure which is beautiful and generous. It also strengthens the such functions as rainproof, heat insulation, heat preservation and anti-condensation. The top can be hoisted through simple operation, which is convenient for the maintenance and upgrading of high and low voltage equipment and transformers.

The housings can also be made of non-metallic materials, (cement, composite materials, but they are inferior to the aluminum coated zinc plate housing in the aspects of mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, and the structural flexibility is very low.) The bottom adopts channel steel and angle steel assembled through integralwelding, featured by high strength, small deformation, easy handling; DACROMETanti-corrosion treatment is used, whose corrosion resistance is comparable with that of hot-dip galvanizing


Working principle :ZBW11 series of European style box-transformer station is a complete power transmission and distribution system combined with high-voltage switch cabinet, transformer, and low-voltage switch cabinet.

Product performance:It is of good performances of advanced techniques, good show, reliable operation, simple maintenance, compact structure, easy moving, small occupying area and etc.

Main Product

DC Furnace Transformer

DC Furnace Transformer & DC smelting industry;

With Hong-Ye Patent

Rectifier Transformer

Traction Driving System / Rectifier Electric Transformer/Special Transformer

ARC transformer electric ARC furnace transformer

DC Rectifier Electric Transformer, Combined type Rectifier transformer

Ferroalloy Furnace Transformer

Ferroalloy Furnace Transformer with on load tap changer 8000KVA / Special Transformer

Electroslag Remelting Furnace Transformer

Electroslag Remelting Furnace Transformer / Electric Furnace Transformer/Special Transformer

110KV Power Transformer

Main Transformer/31500MV Oil immeresed power Transformer

World Top Technical Product !!!!!
DC Furnace Transformer  & DC Rectifer System
With Hong-Ye Patent !!!!!!

The DC ore furnace technology and equipment for the production of ferroalloys. After years of painstaking research and development, this technology has invested a lot of manpower, financial resources and material resources. The research has achieved gratifying results and can be promoted and used. "Multi-circuit DC smelting transformer and submerged arc furnace" and "high-power rectangular DC ore furnace" technology, from the appearance of it is composed of four electrodes, six electrodes and eight electrodes, bottomless electrode; From the performance point of view it is In the true sense of DC ore furnace, the electrodes have positive and negative electrodes, arranged in pairs; in terms of capacity, it breaks through the traditional iron alloy ore furnace, which makes the capacity of the ore furnace easy to achieve more than 100MW. The DC thermal furnace has the advantages of no reactance, no eddy current, no skin effect, no noise, stable arc concentration and high natural power factor, which makes it possible to further save energy and reduce emissions of ferroalloy production (saving more than 15%). A 30MW six-electrode DC ore furnace of Guizhou Jinyuan Investment Co., Ltd. was put into operation in October 2017. The design index: power consumption is less than 3,600kwh/t, output is 160 tons/d, actual power consumption is less than 3500kwh/t, output is 200. Tons/d, meet and exceed design specifications. We believe that in the near future, DC ore furnaces will replace AC ore furnaces and become the mainstream equipment for ferroalloy production.

Factory Profile

Hunan Hong-Ye Transformer Co., Ltd.

        Since from 1988, Hong-Ye was formerly known as Hengyang Special Transformer Factory, it is a key enterprise specializing in the production of furnace transformers, rectifier transformers and power transformers. 


        Hong-Ye product main categories: Furnace transformer, Submerged arc furnace transformer (industrial silicon furnace, yellow phosphorus furnace, silicon manganese furnace, ferrochrome furnace, calcium carbide furnace, ferrosilicon furnace, nickel iron furnace, electric arc furnace, etc.), Rectifier transformer (silicon carbide Furnace, electrolytic zinc furnace, electrolytic manganese furnace, graphitization furnace, etc.), DC rectifier transformer, Ladle refining furnace transformer, Power frequency induction furnace transformer, Electro slag furnace transformer, Oil immersed transformer, Dry power transformer, Box transformer , Oil water cooler. 


        Our product voltage level range from 10KV to 110KV, the maximum capacity of a single unit can produce up to 120,000KVA. Among them, the no-load loss, load loss, no-load current and parameters of all kinds of products are lower than the industry standard, and it is recognized by the industry as a high overload capability and low loss product

Why Choose Us

Test Report.

1, More than 30years Transformer produce experience;
2, The China key enterprise of furnace transformers, rectifier transformers and power transformers.

3, With KEMA, CTQC test report.

Certifications and R&D Team.

1, With ISO9001 & ISO14001, CQC, Hunan AAA quality certifications etc.
2, With strong R&D Team, more than 20 professional engineers, and have many succesful project all over the world


1, We have many patent design certifications.
2. Successful DC furnace transformer rectifier project.
3, Successful the biggest current Furnace Transformer in the world.

Packing & Delivery
FAQ & Contact US

Top Brand Power Transformer /Special Transformer /Substation Equipment in China!

Why to choose you?
1. Factory---We are the AAA quality credit enterprise in China, was established in June 1988.
2. Professional---We have over 30's years' Transformer Reasearch and development Experience.
3. Reliable---Passed certificatin of ISO9001-2008, CQC, ISO14001-2001, and won the "National Innovation Fund" support.

Warmly welcome to visit us!
Please choose your most convenient transportation:
1. By Train, High-speed railway, Hengyang Railway Station.
2. By Air, Nan-Yue airport in Hengyang City.
3. By Air, Huang-Hua airport in Changsha City.

How about the shipping cost?
1. We have some long term forwarders, surely you can get cheaper and trustable service.
2. You can choose your forwarder too.

It's appreciated if the inquiry include following 4 tips.

1. Technical specification / data sheet / Furnace Transformer Rectifier System Design diagram;
2. Application / Project Name / Tender information;
3. The clients requirements;
4. The quantity.

Contact Us

Furnace Transformers (silicon manganese furnace, silicon iron furnace, ferrochrome furnace, nickel-iron furnace, electric arc furnace, etc.), Calcium Carbide Transformers, Rectifier Transformers, Power Transformers, Pad-mounted Transformers and other special transformer

Transformer Reliable Supplier

If you are looking for Furnace Transformer, Rectifer Transformer, Special Transformer, Power Transformer, Main Transformer, Distribution Transformer, Box type Transformer, Compact type transformer, Substation equipment, please contact us for free!

Hunan Hong-Ye Transformer can be your trustable supplier!

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