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Loại hình kinh doanh: Nhà sản xuất, Công ty Thương mại
Sản phẩm/Dich vụ: Thực phẩm đông lạnh- thiết bị sấy, loạt thí điểm đóng băng- d machinerying, thực phẩm nhanh chóng đóng băng thiết bị, trái cây và rau chiên chân không thiết bị, trái cây và rau tiền xử lý dây chuyền chế biến
Vị trí: Liaoning, China (Mainland)
Năm thành lập: 2004
Năm bắt đầu xuất khẩu: 2010
Số Công nhân: 201 - 300 Nhân dân
Tổng Doanh thu (Năm Ngoái): US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Thị trường chính: Thị trường nội địa,Đông Nam Á,Tây Âu,Trung Mỹ,Bắc Mỹ
Khách hàng Chính: Super food technology SDN BHD
Chứng nhận: ISO9001
Thời gian Chuẩn bị Trung bình: 90 ngày
Hồ sơ Công ty

Our company was established in 1985, is the biggest producer and enterprise engaged in food machinery development and manufacturing. We are specialized in the low temperature technology field, such as quick freezing, freeze-drying, vacuum cooling etc. We have successfully accomplished a taste of R&D of a new type fluidized bed quick-freezing equipment which is an important technological item of state "tenth-5-year-of-plan" ; and in charged with an another important technological item of state "eleventh-5-year-plan" to R&D by continuous processing type freeze-drying equipment. Our product-the batch type freeze-drying plant obtains the second grade prize awarded by State Defense Scientific and industrial Commission and is recognized as international advanced level key product by Ministry of Science and Technology. Our company has provided more than 1500 sets of vacuum freeze dryer domestic and abroad users until now. In 1985, the company promoted the SS-1 fluidized bed food quick freezer, which is the first quick freezer equipment in China, and had developed one after another more than 30 kinds of models food quick-freezing installments in the world advanced level, which is suitable to process vegetable, fruit, seafood, meant and ready-made food, as well as many kinds of models of food vacuum freeze dryer vacuum cooling equipment and vacuum, fryer has also developed. The IQF and the vacuum freeze have exported to the USA, Canada, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, Myanmar, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, the plant design is advanced and fine manufactured; catch up with world advanced level, meet the development needs of freeze-drying industry. The company has received the awards from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Defense Scientific and Industrial commission, Astronautics Ministry, Ministry of Agriculture. The credit rank of our company is evaluated at level AAA by authority for many years. The company is the drafting unit of the technical standard of freeze-drying equipment and quick-freezing installment which was assigned by the Ministry of Commercial, and obtains the qualification for export, the certificate of high-tech enterprise issued by Liaoning Province and Shenyang city, and is the outstanding unit in the rank of drying equipment manufacturing enterprises. We have a long term technological corporation with top university and institute in China, such as Zhejiang University, China Agriculture University, Agricultural Machinery Research Institute and have many successful research results in domestic and abroad. We will continuously contribute our great efforts to food industry development worldwide.

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Năng lực Thương mại Thị trường nội địa : 30.00% Đông Nam Á : 20.00% Xem nữa
Năng lực Sản xuất Quy mô Nhà máy : 5,000-10,000 Mét vuông Số lượng Dây chuyền Sản xuất : Above 10 Xem nữa
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